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Lean for Service Organizations

This course introduces the fundamental Lean Six Sigma principles that promote continuous improvement approaches for industry, government, and other organizations. Lean is focused on the creation of value through the reduction and/or elimination of waste. The basic principles have been applied to various organizations and sectors to improve quality, productivity, customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, time-to-market, and financial performance.

Course Description

The course will be online and held across 4 days. A variety of topics will be covered through a systematic approach to problem-solving similar to the DMAIC phases of Six Sigma. Numerous tools/techniques will be discussed with real-life examples. The class will be held with a live introduction each day. The day’s topics will be introduced and students will be allowed to review recorded sessions for the remainder of the day. On the next day, there will be a live discussion of the previous day’s topics and any assignments as well as questions.


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